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Data Bundles

Benefit from our new data plans. Pay as you GO mobile customers can purchase one of the following data bundles by sending an SMS with the codes indicated below. What is more, you can benefit from 4G+ on your device when subscribing to any of the below data bundles. 


€ 5

Valid for 4 weeks

Send 500MB to 16410


€ 8

Valid for 4 weeks

Send 1GB to 16410


€ 20

Valid for 4 weeks

Send 6GB to 16410


€ 25

Valid for 4 weeks

Send 10GB to 16410


Important info:

  • These bundles are automatically renewed upon their expiry date. provided there is sufficient credit on your account. 
  • The rate outside bundle is charged at €0.10 per 1MB

Terms & Conditions