Activate your mobile community

The Home Pack mobile community is available to customers subscribed to Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly Plans compatible with Home Pack. Once the Home Pack mobile community is activated, each member in the community will benefit from various benefits according to the members tariffs.  

Unlimited Community Minutes
with the following plan:
Double Data & Monthly Discount
with the following plans*:
* Your plan already comes with free minutes and thus you are getting a discount instead. The discount differs according to your plan.


Activate & manage your community

STEP 1: Activate your mobile community

Send a free SMS to 50700280 with your GO phone number and your subscription number. Your subscription number starts with a 'P' or '0' and can be found on the first page of your Home Pack agreement.

At this point you can already benefit from using your free minutes when calling your GO fixed phone number from your GO mobile number.

* Please note that you must separate your phone number from your subscription number (Contract Ref. number) with a single space. Do not enter the two numbers on separate lines as you may encounter an error.

STEP 2: Add numbers to your mobile community

You can activate up to 3 GO mobile numbers in your community and benefit from Unlimited mobile minutes each, that can be used to call each other whilst in Malta only. Send a free SMS to 50700281 with your chosen 3 GO mobile numbers. Each number needs to be sent in a separate SMS. Each GO mobile customer you decide to add to your Mobile Community will receive an SMS advising of your invitation. Those who accept your invitation will automatically start forming part of your Home Pack Mobile Community and will receive their individual free monthly minute bundle..

Check your balance
Each GO mobile customer within the community can send a blank SMS to 50700285 to check the remaining free minute balance.

Remove numbers from your community

As the owner of the Home Pack Mobile Community you may also decide to remove existing members to your community. If you decide to remove one of the 3 numbers, send an SMS to 50700283 with the GO mobile number. This SMS is charged at €0.05.

Leave the community
The other 3 GO mobile customers in your community can also choose to leave by sending a blank SMS to 50700282 at no charge.

Add new numbers to your community

If you decide to replace previous members with new GO mobile numbers, just send an SMS to 50700281, including the mobile number you wish to add, at a charge of €1.16.

Identify the community members

As a member of the community you can identify whether a GO mobile number forms part of your community by sending an SMS with the number to 50700284.

As the owner of the Home Pack Mobile Community you can send a blank SMS to 50700284 to query the members of your community.

Each SMS is charged at €0.05.