Interactive TV

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Enjoy GO Interactive TV and its unique Restart, Catch-Up, Pause, Rewind and Record Live TV features in all your rooms for an additional monthly service charge of €5 per TV outlet! And that's not all! If you subscribe to any of GOs premium services; GO Sports, GO Stars and GO Box sets you will be able to view these premium services on ALL your additional GO Interactive TV HD set-top box/es. What are you waiting for? Subcribe now!


Can you imagine what it would be like to be in complete control of your TV experience? Well, you don't need to imagine any more because with GO Interactive TV all you've ever wanted from your TV entertainment is now a reality. Choose what you want to watch whenever you want, with over 130 fantastic channels at your finger tips and the flexibility of unique Restart and Catch Up TV features. With GO Interactive TV you make the rules to suit your lifestyle. 






Of course you didn't plan to be a few minutes late, but it happens to the best of us. Thanks to Restart that doesn't have to be a problem, as you can literally start any live programme from the beginning, from across all the 130+ TV channels on GO Interactive – and all at the click of a button. Simply brilliant.





So you missed that show you really wanted to watch, and now it's over… Well, not really! With Catch-Up  you can go back in time to watch the episode or film you missed simply by choosing it from our on demand library , even if you didn't record it. Yes, it's that easy. 

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Pause, Rewind, Record

Don't phone calls always come at the most inconvenient moment? Just in time for you to miss the dramatic cliff-hanger on The Good Doctor or that mind-blowing Premier League goal! But now that doesn't have to ruin the experience because you can use your remote control to pause or rewind your programme, and can simply press play when you're back and fully focused. Plus, you can even record  programmes, movies and a complete season of your favourite series. And now you can benefit from up to 20 hours of recording time! That's what we call freedom. Please note that recording is only availabe with our Interactive Set-Top Box. 

100+ channels and HD



130+ channels including HD 

Interactive TV also gives you more choice, with over 130+ amazing TV channels for you to flick through. With so much on offer you're bound to find something great to watch, whether it's an episode of your favourite series, a hilarious movie or an up-to-the-minute documentary. Moreover, you can look forward to stunning picture quality and Dolby surround sound on HD channels. So you really do get the full experience.